Did you know?

If you need help but you're NOT looking to hire full time just yet... You can post a 'project based' job offer if you're only looking for temporary help to complete a marketing, advertising, digital or creative media task (including web design projects).

To post a 'project-based' job offer, this is all you have to do:

  • First Register for free as an employer
  • From the Employers Dashboard select post a job
  • Select the 'project-based' job type when you post a new job
  • Add details of what project or task you need to be designed, created or completed
  • Be a specific as possible with you the description and any other special requirements or conditions
  • What is your time frame (i.e. when do you need the project complete by)
  • In the salary / benefits area, explain what your budget is for this project (your offer needs to be attractive if you want to encourage the best talent to apply for your project)*
  • Submit your project based job offer and choose your listing preference

Don't forget that Marketing in Japan Business members qualify for up to 50% job posting discount.

After you have posted a new 'project based' job offer, a MIJ Expert Member or Business Member with the relevant skills and time to help will apply. You can then discuss and decide who to offer your project too.

You can post a 'project-based' job for any marketing, advertising, digital, creative or website related project such as:

  • Create a new marketing system, funnel, advertising or lead generation campaign
  • Audit and diagnose a poor performing existing marketing system, funnel, advertising or lead generation campaign
  • Managing paid (PPC) advertising campaigns
  • Managing 'Inbound' advertising campaigns
  • Managing social media content and syndication
  • Designing digital or print creative assets / media campaigns
  • Plan and build a new website or landing page
  • Audit, diagnose and redesign a poor performing existing website or landing
  • Consulting (get expert advice) in-person or via video calls (Skype / Google Hangouts etc)

*You should agree upon the exact cost and get any necessary documents signed like an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before going ahead. It is common practice to pay 50% up-front and then 50% on project completion. Please note that MIJ Job Search does not provide any project-based job offer advice, agreements or services to the employer or the hired member / freelancer.